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Teaser Tuesdays (Jan.12)

January 12, 2010

teasertuesdays31 Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along! Just do the following:

  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
  • BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
  • Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

My Teasers:

“To have a healthy, satisfying relationship with food, we need to rebel and allow ourselves to cheat sometimes. And our human nature confirms this time and again by making us obsessively crave things that we think we can’t have.”

~ p.11, “The Rebel Diet: Break the Rules, Lose the Weight” by Dr. Melissa Hershberg, M.D.

 ((I’m actually between books, right now, so this is from the book I’ve picked up to skim through)).


PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT with either the link to your own Teaser Tuesdays post, or share your 2 ‘teasers’ in a comment here (if you don’t have a blog). Thanks!

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((remember, the link for the comments is at the TOP of this post!))
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  1. A diet that allows you to break the rules? Sounds like just what I’m looking for! Very nice teasers. Here’s mine:

  2. longbrakeliving permalink

    Good one! I’ve always heard its better to have a little bit of something you crave than to try to fulfill your craving by eating something else; you’ll end up eating more trying to conquer your craving than you would have if you just gave into it.

    My teaser is here.

  3. I completely agree with your teaser! I’ll have to check out that book. :)

    Here’s my teaser from a Pride and Prejudice spin-off…

  4. I’m in the middle of a diet that allows ‘cheating’ at certain times and it is TOTALLY working. Here’s my teaser:

  5. Very true!

    I’m playing today here.

  6. I couldn’t agree more. I think the Rebel Diet was written just for me :)

    My teaser, really two this week, are both romances that turn up the heat. You can find them here

  7. A very true statement and an interesting teaser for what the rest of the book holds.

    Here’s mine: Teaser Tuesdays @ The Wobbly Bookstack

  8. I wonder if a 5 scoop sundae is on the cheating list….this is definitely my comfort food.

    My TT is posted here:

  9. Breaking the rules is always recommended!! Here is mine:

  10. That’s a very true statement :)

    My teaser this week is from Patricia Briggs Moon Called.

  11. I always cheat :( Diet is so not my thing ;)

    Here is my teaser on another good Japanese Book :)

  12. iwriteinbooks permalink

    Good stuff! Here’s mine…

  13. That’s a different approach!

    Here’s mine:

  14. this is so true – and I like the title!

    Here’s my Teaser Tuesday

  15. fleurfisher permalink

    An interesting teaser. Mine is here:

  16. Thanks for that teaser!
    Mine is up at The Burton Review.

  17. So true! Good teaser. Mine is up at The Crowded Leaf.

  18. My teaser this week is from Cleopatra’s Daughter.

    Happy reading to you!

  19. I can relate to the rebel part… Good pick for this time of the year. :) Mine’s posted here.

  20. A truer word was never spoken! Great teaser. Seeing that Fl had a few snow flakes this past weekend my teaser is from the Chocolate Snowman Murders and can be found here

  21. Great teaser!

    Here’s mine this week.

  22. So true!

    Here’s MINE

  23. Oh, my! Now this book would be my cup of tea! I love to cheat! LOL.

    My teaser:

  24. Here’s my teaser for this week:

  25. I agree totally that sometimes you have to have a little indulgence or you’ll go crazy! Great teaser. Here’s mine:

  26. Amen! I don’t have to stop eating Doritos! lol
    My teaser is here:

  27. Between books! I hate when that happens. Here’s my teaser for the week: The Healing of America

  28. Great teaser! I don’t like to think of eating chocolate as cheating so it’s now a food group! :-)

    Here’s my teaser this week –

  29. Wow! The post hadn’t even shown up when I left the hotel this morning and there are already 45 comments! We must all be “rebels”!

    My teaser is here.

  30. Lizzy permalink

    Very interesting teaser (and true, in my opinion). Here’s mine this week:

  31. Mmm…I don’t think that book is my cup of tea (judging from the teaser). But I do like the cover artwork!

    My teaser can be found here.

  32. very very late, today! still reading our book club choice for January so here’s mine

  33. Hm. I don’t like the idea of phrasing a diet in terms of “cheating” – it still implies that foods that taste good can’t be part of the “rules” of a healthy diet.

    But in decidedly non-diet related teasers, here’s mine from Fade to Blue:

  34. Missy permalink

    Wow! I need to check that book out! I just joined Weight Watchers, so I think it would be beneficial to me.

    Here’s my teaser:

  35. Miguel de Cervantes stated that the proof of the pudding is the eating.

  36. Love that. It’s not healthy to deny yourself something, but everything in moderation.
    Great teaser.
    Here’s mine for Splendor

  37. The whole “diet” and “cheating” mentality drives me crazy — and yes, I struggle with my weight. Do Weight Watchers! It’s science: calories in, calories out, and it’s geared toward the way we actually live our lives. And — as I said, yes I struggle with my weight.

    My teaser is from a very powerful memoir on living with bipolar disorder: “bipolar bare” — no capital letters — by Carlton Davis. The Carlotta below is Carlton’s muse, so to speak, and there are “conversations” between the two of them, which lets you comprehend the illness from two perspectives. Here’s the teaser:

    “Darling Carlton, you precious boy,” Carlotta coos,“I always think of you as lighting the way to a new understanding of life.”

    • Alas. The first time I did Weight Watchers, I lost 20 pounds. The second time, I lost nothing in several weeks. The third time, I gained ten pounds in two weeks.

      My body never gets “fooled” by the same diet twice. So now I just eat in a healthy way, exercise a lot, and trust my body to achieve the weight that’s natural to it.

      Weight Watchers really works well for a lot of people, though. Everyone needs to eat in a way that will let them be healthy, and that’s one of the ways that works for many.

  38. Food for thought!
    Here’s mine – rather the other end of things(!), from Atwood’s Oryx and Crake.

  39. Uh HUH. THIS is a book for ME. I have tried almost every diet known to man or woman!

    Mine is here:

  40. Great teaser! Mine is here.

  41. Now THAT is the kind of advice I like to see when it comes to food! Of course, I must be careful not to follow it too often.

    My teaser is here:


  42. mmmm the cover looks yummy and the teaser is so true. You can read mine here.

  43. I love that idea!

    My teaser this week is from
    The Ask and the Answer

  44. Page permalink

    The cover makes me what some chocolate!

    Here is my teaser

  45. I so agree with the tease! I just “allow myself to cheat” a bit too often!

    Here’s my tease on marriage:

  46. Here’s my Teaser!

  47. I believe that if you are craving something you should eat a little of it or you will most likely eat too much later! Good teaser.

    Here is mine.

  48. Isn’t that the truth!! Great teaser, sounds like a book I definitely need to read.

  49. This teaser is from Page 103 of “An Evil Guest” by Gene Wolfe.

  50. Well, right now I’m craving toast and peanut butter. Guess I shouldn’t have skipped breakfast …

    Here is my teaser!

  51. I love your teaser! It’s something I’ve thought for a very long time. It’s so important to work around real human nature rather than apply an ideal to it that just can’t work. Great choice!

    Here’s my own teaser, from a book about the Pharaoh Akhenaten.

  52. Here is my Teaser Tuesday! Storm Front by Jim Butcher.

  53. Love your teaser.

    My teaser is posted on my blog:

  54. Great teaser! That’s why I try to have a little bit of what I am craving so (hopefully) the craving will go away. It doesn’t always work, but it does sometimes.

    Here’s mine.

  55. I’m reading Amy and Isabelle, a mother-daughter story that’s good but a bit intense. Here’s my teaser.

  56. Very profound and very true! What an awesome teaser. :)

    Here’s my Teaser Tuesday from “Salutations! Wit and Wisdom from ‘Charlotte’s Webb.’”

    Have a wonderful day!

  57. Wow… look at all the ppl participating in this meme. I mean, I know I am late getting over here but wow!

    Mine is up too from a little known author Marissa Farrar

  58. I like diets that you can cheat on!!I wish I could find one where I could just eat chocolate and lose weight!
    Here’s Mine

  59. Sounds like an interesting read!

    I’m trying something a bit different today:

  60. Back again for more teaser fun – Sarah Waters, Tipping the Velvet reread time for me!

  61. Like the teaser – sounds like common sense!

    My teaser is from a historical novel (12th century) I’m reading for the Royal Mistress Challenge, The Time of Singing by Elizabeth Chadwick:

  62. This sounds sensible! A little indulgence, in moderation, helps us stick with healthier eating habits.

    Mine is here.

  63. I’m sort of anti-diet. They don’t work. The only thing that works is a lifestyle change. I recommend It works! And its free.

    Anyway, here’s my teaser. And funny enough, its food related, even though its fiction.

  64. Uh, oh. Did my comment disappear? I apologize if this is a double post.

    here’s my teaser

    • It looks like my first post did disappear. Hmm. Anyway, I was just recommending Spark People for anyone looking for a free and effective way – not to diet – but to change your lifestyle to a healthier one.

  65. I must be a rebel dieter- I’m constantly breaking the rules!

    My teaser is from American Rust, being released in paperback today:

  66. A teaser from The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters…

  67. I totally agree!! Here is my teaser for this week.

  68. seems to be the time of year for looking into health issues–nice teaser. Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

  69. Wow that is motivational for me to start my weightloss plan. Here is mine.

  70. beltwaybandit permalink

    My first time participating! Sorry if a repeat post, as mine disappears! Mine is

  71. Great teaser!! Mine’s here!

  72. What an interesting and fun meme. Glad I discovered it. Thanks, MizB.

    I posted my teasers here:


  73. My Teaser Tuesday is up, with a little bit of extra info!

  74. I like that! This is my first week participating. Here’s my teaser:

  75. I like the sound of your teaser. Here is mine ~

  76. That’s a nice one! Mine is a classic from one of my all time favorite books:


  77. I like the sound of your teaser. Here’s mine

  78. My first week participating. I’m reading The Cat Who Wasn’t a Dog.

  79. Great teaser!

    Mine is here.

  80. This is my first Teaser Tuesday! Here’s the link:

  81. This is my first time for a Teaser Tuesday, so here goes and here is my link at the bottom of the page on my top comment:

  82. This looks so good, I’m always looking for new and differnt diets to keep me motivated at this time of year.

    here is mine for this week…

  83. Here ish mine, for Are These My Basoomas I See Before Me? and a few sentences from my WorkInProgress.

  84. Great teaser, the cover of the book makes me crave chocolate though.

  85. I had a lot of fun with this. First time, but I chose a book with some great sentences!

    Posted at

  86. Isn’t that the truth! Love your teaser!

    Here’s mine:

    Happy reading! :)

  87. Your teaser is so very true!

    Here is mine:

    I have gone a little bit outside of my usual comfort zone this week with Stephen King’s latest, Under the Dome.

  88. Makes me want to eat a chocolate bar!

    My “One Fat Englishman” would love that teaser:

  89. Here is my Teaser

  90. Marie permalink

    Here´s our teaser (, yours is very interesting

  91. LOL I’m not dieting so here’s my teaser!

    xoxo~ Renee

  92. All things in moderation. My teaser also involves food.

  93. *is still staring at chocolate bar*

    Here is my teaser. Will be a bit before I review it because of my other reviews that are coming up but I am planning to. Yeay! Time to go read through other teasers! Thanks for having everyone put them here!


  94. Here is mine.

  95. Great teaser! Although breaking the rules usually isn’t my problem. :) Here’s my teaser on Biblioholism:

  96. beltwaybandit permalink

    Today is my first day participating! Here’s mine:

  97. SO true! I’ve already learned I can’t deny myself, then I learned that I’m okay with moderating myself- that’s something I guess.

    We’re loving Teaser Tuesdays:

  98. This is my first time joining in! Great meme! :)
    My teaser is HERE.

  99. I hope my library gets that book soon – I’d like to take a look at it!
    Here’s my teaser for today:

  100. I’ve never gone on a diet before, but I have a feeling I would cheat all the time. I seem to have no self control!

    Here’s my teaser:

  101. I am so late in posting this. In fact, I’ve forgotten… Happy belated TT!

  102. Late again, but here is mine! A spooky one from Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier.

  103. Hi,
    I jsut discovered this meme and I really love it. There are so many books that I have seen excerpts from and want to read.
    What a great idea.

    I know that I didn’t do it on Tuesday but I wouldn’t help myself and post a Tuesday Teaser on Wednesday. I did a teaser from Wuthering Heights and Capricornia.

    Here’s the link:

  104. Your teaser about food and cravings – soooo true! Here’s my teaser this week:

  105. Miss Toni permalink

    My “to be read” list is getting too long, but I’m looking forward to it.

    Here is mine for this week – better late than never…

  106. Tremendous article, numerous quality information. We’re about to show my pals and enquire of them what we think.

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