Musing Mondays (July 12)

This week’s musing asks…

Can you read amidst distractions? (tv, others talking, sporting events, etc)

My mom was just marvelling, the other day, at how I could read with a bunch of people talking and playing around me. We’d gone over to her house to swim, and I chose not to get in the pool this time. Instead, I sat beside the pool and read my book. Meanwhile, hubby & kids — along with my mom and stepdad — were splashing around and chatting.

I told mom that I’ve had lots of practice in reading amidst distractions, as my house is generally pretty noisy. The kids are always talking, playing, etc, and the TV is almost always on when hubby & the kids are home. It’s ‘background noise’.

Sure, I tend to go off and hide myself in the bedroom in order to have a bit more quiet for my reading (I can’t read when the TV is in the background ’cause I’ll keep looking up to see what’s going on), but I can still read if it’s just people talking in the background.

In the wintertime, I often ferry my kids to their sporting events at the local arena. And, I’ve gotten pretty good at reading while sitting in the lobby, with people coming and going all around me. I’d rather read than just sit there the whole hour!

So, how about you? Can you read amidst distractions?

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40 thoughts on “Musing Mondays (July 12)

  1. I can preety much tune out background noise.
    When i was in school i couldn’t concentrate in the student library as it was too quiet!
    blogger is playing up at the moment will post my musing monday later.


  2. If I like what I’m reading then the noise won’t distract me. Sometimes it is even better to have background noise. If I read in a quiet place the minimal sound will capture my attention and I will not be able to concentrate.


  3. I haven’t participated in this meme but I just wanted to comment that I’ve learned to read anytime, anyplace, anywhere! Except the car, but I’m trying to condition myself to that, as a passenger, of course!


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