REVIEWS: “Live Abundantly” and “Live Reflectively” by Lenya Heitzig & Penny Rose

These two Bible study books are part of the “Fresh Life” Bible study series.

 “Live Abundantly” is a study in the book of Ephesians. Each day takes you through questions that help you to dig deeper into the book, chapter-by-chapter, so that you can get the most out of each one, and find what’s applicable to your daily life.

Live Reflectively” is a study on the “watershed moments” (key points) in the life of Moses ~ from his discovery in a basket on the banks of the Nile, to his encounter with God at the burning bush, through to Mount Sinai, etc. ~ again, you dig deeper and learn what you can take with you that’s applicable to your daily life.

Both books follow a set of five elements in each day’s homework:

1. Lift Up ~ ask God to give you spiritual insights from that day’s lesson.
2. Look At ~ discover the facts about what you’re studying, and important background material.
3. Learn About ~ sidebars that help you to know what certain parts of the text mean.
4. Live Out ~ investigate (through the questions) how what you’re learning should change your life; the practical side of the study!
5. Listen To ~ quotes from authors, speakers and writers on what insights they’ve gleaned in their own lives.

I’m currently working through the Ephesians study (“Live Abundantly“) and am really enjoying it a lot. The questions aren’t necessarily easy, but nor are they too difficult. I especially like the “Listen To” quotes! 😀

These are great studies that can be used for either personal, or group, use. Recommended.

Thank you to The B&B Media Group for sending me these books to read & review!

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    • I love, love, LOVE Beth Moore’s studies!!! I’m anxiously awaiting the new one my ladies’ group will be doing come January… we’re doing her “James” study then. 😀



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