Musing Mondays (Dec.12)

This week’s musing [borrowed from an old BTT post] asks…

I once knew a man who read about WWII. He read everything he could get his hands on on the subject. He had a whole wall of books that were all about WWII. It amazed me. How could he continue to find one subject that engrossing? My mother, on the other hand, loves to read best sellers. I’ve known other people who read science fiction to the exclusion of everything else; for others it was philosophy, self-help, or history.

So, to the questions…

What kind of books do you like to read?
Why? Provide specific examples.

I love to read books on self-improvement, books on weight loss, books about motivation and discipline, books about books & reading, books about reunions, and Young Adult fantasy novels… below are my examples:

β€’ SINK REFLECTIONS by Marla Cilley ~ known as the “FLYLady“, Marla has been teaching people, everywhere, how to keep a neater house without having to expend a lot of time or effort. Love her methods (especially the “shiny sink” — mine always needs this advice! LOL), but found it too intensive for my lackadaisical self. πŸ˜‰

β€’ THE ADVENTURES OF DIET GIRL by Shauna Reid ~ a blogger who lost weight the “traditional way”, by reducing the amount of food she ate, and increasing the amount of activity/movement in her life. A really down-to-earth memoir that shows that it IS possible to lose weight without surgery.

β€’ SWITCH: HOW TO CHANGE THINGS WHEN CHANGE IS HARD by Chip Heath & Dan Heath ~ a fascinating book about motivation! I highly recommend this book to everyone! It’s full of great stories, and even provides little quizzes to test you on what you’ve been learning throughout the pages of the book!

β€’ EX LIBRIS by Anne Fadiman ~ a book for book-lovers! This is a memoir of Anne’s love of reading, and gives plenty of recommendations. I’ve since bought one of her other books, too, but haven’t read it, yet.

β€’ LOSING THE MOON by Patti Callahan Henry ~ a fiction title about a couple that had dated in high school but then fell apart due to circumstances beyond their control. They reunite years later, when both are married to other people, and have to deal with seeking closure.

β€’ The TWILIGHT Saga by Stephenie Meyer ~ yep, I’ll admit it. I loved this series, and have since been seeking out books that fall into the same sort of category: teen vampire-romance. I now love books that have teens as the main characters, with both romance and elements of fantasy (vampires, usually, but also werewolves, fairies, and the like).

Why do I like to read these? I don’t know, really. There’s something that’s just deeply satisfying, to me, about them. I guess I like knowing how to improve myself (and knowing that it is possible ~ if they can do it, I can, too!), and knowing that there are others out there who share the same interests (eg. books & reading). And, yes, every now & then, I like a good ‘escape’. πŸ˜‰

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  1. I pretty much read from any genre, although I’m more likely to read a book first in my TBR if it’s a mystery/thriller. Another genre I can’t resist is anything that’s post-apocalyptic. I used to be really into fantasy books, but now I mostly just follow certain authors only since I’m all burnt out with never ending series (unless a new author comes highly recommended).


  2. I’ve never read self help books but I did read the cheese book about the fish market who stole my cheese that’s as close as it gets lol. Here’s my Musing


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