The Sunday Salon (Feb.19)

Well, I am definitely on my way, now! I’ve got a goal to teach myself how to be a graphic & web designer, and I’m reading like crazy in order to learn all I need to know. Sure, it’s going to take me a while — probably several years. But, I am heading in the right direction! (or, at least, in the direction of learning what I need to for this goal… I’m still not entirely sure that this goal is the right one for me to pursue, though! LOL)

The last two books I’ve picked up, in regards to computer programming, have been written by people who are self-taught. This gives me a boost of confidence, as I frequently find myself wondering whether I’ll need to actually go back to school to learn this stuff. Mind you, I also still think I might, given the opportunity to do so presents itself. I could use it, and it would help with credibility. But, we’ll see. Right now, with the way finances and such stand, I wouldn’t be able to go back to school for at least another 4-5 years… which is why I’m so determined to just teach myself. If I can start without having to wait for schooling, then why not go for it, right? I can get my foot in the door, and then –if I had to– I could still go do the schooling thing later on. We shall see.

I’m currently reading several books, but as always, concentrating heavily on one, while the others get pushed to the side. I started all of them within the last several days.

A Whole New Mind” by Daniel H. Pink is about how “right-brainers will rule the future”. It gives six different areas of right-brained strength that are necessary for sustaining the coming (or, current –given that this book is now 7 years old) culture. It’s interesting, but not holding my attention well enough.

JavaScript: A Beginner’s Guide” by John Pollock. I’m using this to learn programming, and already feel more confident in this area! It’s an easy-to-understand format, so far, so I’m thinking it’s going to be really helpful! But, it’s a big book with a heavy subject, so I’m taking it in little chunks, and reading something else in between.

Be Fearless: 28 Days to Change Your Life” by Jonathan Alpert. This is an eBook that I’m reading through NetGalley for review (Hatchette Book Group/Center Street publishing). So far, it’s an easy read, with tons of list-making exercises (which I love), and it’s insightful. I’m a very fearful person, even though I know most of my fears are unfounded, so this book is helping me see how things could be different if I let those fears go.

Wither” by Lauren DeStefano. I’m reading this one for the Book Blogger Recommendation Challenge, and so far it’s hooked me … I want to know what’s going to happen next. But, I’ve kind of set this one aside for now, so I can finish the other books first… then I’ll go back to it.

So, yeah. Lots of reading going on. I read lots last weekend, too — finished 3 books — as I was down-and-out with a bad cold. I missed two days of work, ’cause I was just too weak and snuffly, so I stayed in bed. I finished “Matched” by Ally Condie, “The Experience Effect” by Jim Joseph, and “HTML5 for Dummies: Quick Reference” by Andy Harris. All were good books (I loved “Matched”!).

This weekend is a long-weekend, as tomorrow is Family Day, here in Canada. So, I’m hoping to get lots of reading done, in between catching up on housework. Happy weekend, all! 😉

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