REVIEW: “She Takes On the World” by Natalie MacNeil

Natalie has a passion for women entrepreneurs. And it shows through this book.

This is a book full of tips, tricks, and resources for women who are either working as business owners, or thinking of starting up their own business. Natalie shares things that work for her, and stories from other successful women entrepreneurs, as well.

I loved that reading this gave me an idea for how I can “make a difference” when I start into my Graphic/Web Design business. I had been stressing because I couldn’t figure out how I’d do so, just designing things for people. It might help their business, but would it change their lives? Maybe not. So, I was tempted to find a different path… but I didn’t really want to, as Graphic/Web Design is something I really want to get into. Then Natalie’s book gave me an idea — I could donate a portion of my profits to a charity of my choice, and by doing so, I’d be making a difference for someone! 😀 Now I’m giddy with excitement! I’ve always wanted to contribute to a charity like “Room To Read” or

I also really liked Natalie’s idea for a “sticky note organizer”. I’m a BIG fan of Post-Its, and I’m very visual, so this idea really has me excited, too!

There are a lot of links and resources inside. I found out about a ton of websites that I’d never heard of before that will be helpful when I’m ready to run my business.

Definitely check this one out. It’s good!

Also, see Natalie’s website:

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