The Sunday Salon (Nov.18)

This week, I find myself pulled out of my reading slump, and that’s a very good thing! I read & finished “Healing the Scars of Emotional Abuse” by Gregory L. Jantz. And, then I waited a couple of days, as I’d ordered “When God Writes Your Love Story” by Eric & Leslie Ludy, and knew that it would show up in the mail soon.

Sure enough, it showed up in the mail on Friday, and I had it read through by Saturday afternoon. 😀 My review is up {previous post}, if you’re interested in my thoughts on it.

On Friday, I couldn’t help myself, and I placed my order for the other books I wanted to buy this month — I’d originally planned to wait until this coming week, but I was impatient, as always where books are concerned. 😉

I ordered the following:

• “Boy Meets Girl” by Joshua Harris
• “I Quit!” by Gerri Scazzero
• “The First 90 Days of Marriage” by Eric & Leslie Ludy
• “What Did You Expect?” by Paul David Tripp
• “Marriage Matters” by Winston T. Smith

I’ve started reading “Boy Meets Girl” on Google Books, and it’s very good. It wasn’t on my original list of books I was planning to buy, but I couldn’t help but add it after reading the preview. I’m starting to think about my kids’ dating years (they’re still young, but those years will sneak up before I know it!), and I want them to have a better experience than I did. These books have been teaching me so much, despite the fact that I’ve only had a chance to read previews, so far. And, they’re showing me a better side of things — something I really want for my kids. Of course, they’ll make their own choices. But, I want them to know that there are options. I didn’t know that, when I was a teen.

Anyhoo. I haven’t really found any music, this week. I’ve been reading instead of watching YouTube videos (finally!). LOL. So, that’s basically it for me.

Happy Reading, everyone!