Musing Mondays (Dec.3)

MusingMondays4This week’s musing, courtesy of Booking Through Thursday, asks…
How do you organize/store your books? Do you go through them often? Or do you pretty much just shelve them and then leave them alone until you need them?


My answer: I have one shelf that’s just for my Christian books, another shelf for my secular titles, a cupboard of shelves for my Classics, and then a few shelves that have miscellaneous books on them. I don’t go through them very often. Occasionally I feel like reorganizing them, but usually that’s only when I need to make room for new books, or when I’m looking for something that’s buried behind the ones in the front.


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33 thoughts on “Musing Mondays (Dec.3)

  1. In my writing office I have my book organized almost just like you’ve described. In my other rooms and the garage the books are mostly random with occasional flashes of orderliness.


  2. Usually I organize by genre, subject within genre, alphabetical order by authors last name. There’s nothing quite like being able to find the exact book you are looking for and immediately know which book has been borrowed just by where the space is in the shelf. I’m the kind of person who prefers everything to be in its proper place.


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