Theology Thursdays: God-Sized Dreams

TheologyThursdays5THEOLOGY THURSDAYS is where I will share something about faith — whether it’s a Scripture I’ve found this week, a tidbit from my current Bible study, something God is teaching me, or whatever thoughts I’ve had about faith recently.

((NOTE: For the next little while, Theology Thursdays are going to include my God-Sized Dreams post… see below for what this is!))

A short while back, I found out that Christian blogger, Holley Gerth, was putting together a “God-Sized Dream Team” of 100 women. These gals would all be committing to pursuing a “God-Sized Dream” in 2013, as well as blogging about their progress, and reviewing Holley’s upcoming new book, “You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream” (due out March 2013).

I filled out the application, and then was pleasantly surprised, a while later, to find out that I had been selected to be part of the team! 😀

So, I’ve prayerfully been considering what my God-Sized Dream (GSD) will be for 2013… And, I can’t seem to narrow it down to just one thing! LOL. I have five (5) things on my list, and all of them are of importance to me in my walk with God. They are…

[1] To read through the Bible in one year, again (did this in 2007), and this time record the evidence I find of God’s character. I want to do this because I desire to know God better, thereby enabling me to trust Him more fully.

[2] Change my style of relating. I am not going to go into detail about this one except to say that God has recently brought to my attention that certain things need to change.

[3] Lose weight via Intuitive Eating, and get healthy. This has been an on-going battle for me for the last fifteen (15) years — save for my short stint with success in 2005 — and I’m ready to have lasting success and then move on to other things. I am sooo tired of this being an “issue” in my life! I want to do this for several reasons, but the main ones are: {a} to be able to participate in the relationships God puts in my life (eg. skating with my kids, golfing with hubby/friends, etc), and {b} to live a long, productive, and abundant life. Being overweight has killed my sense of living any sort of “abundant life”, let me tell you!

[4] Learn patience in all aspects of my life. This is another thing that God has recently pointed out to me… I tend to be extremely impatient. This is most noticeable to me in my parenting — I am constantly expecting my kids to move faster, or get things done quicker, and, if I’m honest, there really isn’t a need behind this. I could rearrange things so that I wouldn’t feel like rushing them all of the time. I think that learning patience will be a good thing in that it will take my stress-level down several notches, and it will allow me to have more peace in my family-life.

[5] To be a writer. This is something that God has been prompting me to do since 2001/2, and I’ve been mostly ignoring it, making excuses for why I “can’t”, or why God couldn’t possibly be asking this of me. But, He has made it very clear, over the last week that, yes, He is indeed calling me to this. And, He’s given me an answer to every one of my excuses! So, I will write, and we will see where He leads me in that.

And, there you have it! These are my God-Sized Dreams for 2013. I plan to pluck away at them, little by little, so as not to be overwhelmed. And, I’m praying about what I can maybe give up in order to have more time, or mental “space” to devote to these. So, stay tuned! I will be posting about these GSD’s every week in the beginning of 2013.

Here’s to a grand adventure!

18 thoughts on “Theology Thursdays: God-Sized Dreams

  1. That is pretty cool! Much better than a resolution. Just be careful praying for patience. I’ve heard pray for wisdom instead, otherwise get ready for your patience to really be tested! It’s an ambitious list you have BUT you can do ALL things through Him! 🙂


    • LOL. Oh, trust me, I know! It’s like the scene from the movie, “Evan Almighty“, where the wife says something to the effect of, “I prayed for patience, and God gave me opportunities to practice being patient… I prayed for courage, and God gave me instances where I had to practice being courageous…” LOL

      Dangerous stuff! But, definitely worth it. 😉


  2. Jenn, love your God sized dreams, and this team Holley has put together! So grateful to be on this path with you. Can’t wait to see what God will do with it!


    • And, again, thank YOU, Holley, for putting this project together! 😀

      I told my Grandma, today, about my “dream” of writing… about how God’s calling me to do it… nothing like telling Grandma for adding a little accountability! ((she’ll stay on my case about it, for sure! LOL))


  3. Great resolutions! Numbers 3 and 5 are on my list, too. I have a secondary blog devoted to number 1, though I haven’t been as faithful with it as I’d like to be. Happy New Year, and here’s to a great 2013!


  4. I’m pleased to see that one of the blogs I follow occasionally is written by a Believer. I look forward to getting to know you better and perhaps grow in my own walk along the way.


  5. I recently read a book called Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst and she talks about making imperfect progress. To me, that is moving in the right direction most of the time and forgiving yourself when you don’t. Thinking like that has been such a relief – to not be perfect. I hope it helps you.


    • I’ve already got Lysa’s book, “Unglued“, on my wishlist / to-be-read list! But, thank you for the tip, because right now, i really needed that. I’ve stalled out in some areas, and was having trouble getting back in the groove, so this is just what I needed to hear. 🙂 Thank you!



  6. I can see how you have trouble limiting those dreams down to one–they are all powerful and transforming in their own way. My God-sized dream is also to be a writer, preferably a faith-based novelist. But, hey, I’m still on the journey and, like you, I’ll be excited to see where God takes me! Good luck to you!


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