REVIEW: “Radical Well-Being” by Rita Hancock, M.D.

RadicalWellbeing_RitaHancockMDDr. Rita is a certified pain-management doctor. She uses a hands-0n method called Osteopathic Manual Medicine (OMM), as well as several other techniques to help alleviate the pain her patients feel.

In this book, she talks about different cases, and how she has helped these patients. By showing us how these people experienced breakthroughs, she is also giving hope that we, too, can eventually live pain-free.

I liked how Dr. Rita shows how she incorporates her faith into her medical practice. Some might find it strange that she talks about having ‘visions’ and hearing from God, but I actually really connected with her on that, as I have experienced much of the same.

I didn’t like how she introduced each section, saying what was coming in that chapter or subsection, as I felt it was unnecessary. But, it doesn’t detract from the overall message of the book.

I can think of several people that I’d like to pass this book on to, as I think they’ll find it encouraging.