Theology Thursdays: One Word 2013

TheologyThursdays1THEOLOGY THURSDAYS is where I will share something about faith — whether it’s a Scripture I’ve found this week, a tidbit from my current Bible study, something God is teaching me, or whatever thoughts I’ve had about faith recently.

Yesterday, via a fellow blogger’s post, I found Melanie’s blog post about “One Word 2013“. This is where you share “a simple word that God is placing on your heart” for 2013. After some prayer, and careful thought, I have found my “one word” for 2013:

OneWord2013_trust(I am oh-so-grateful to Melanie for the FREE button, too!)

My word is “Trust“. Why? Because God is calling me to trust Him more fully in every aspect of my life. And, He’s teaching me how to do that, too.

At first, I thought that maybe my word was “patience”, as I already have “learn to be more patient in all areas of my life” as one of my “God-Sized Dreams” for 2013. But no… because, really, if I’m trusting God, I will also be more patient with things. I will trust Him to work things out, rather than impatiently expecting things to go my own way.

Then I thought that maybe my word was “learn”… but that just didn’t feel right.

“Trust”, on the other hand, seems to fit, and it encompasses everything that I’m working on with God, this year. It covers all of my “God-Sized Dreams“, and then some! So, that’s what it is then… Trust. I am praying to learn more about God’s character this year through reading through the entire Bible, thereby enabling me to trust God more fully in all things.


Also, a side note regarding those God-Sized Dreams… Starting Tuesday of next week, I will be putting up a weekly post about them. Holley has asked us to come up with a “LIFE Statement”, and after much frustration over being unable to think of one that fit, I –thank the Lord– was able to find mine: “I believe God has created and called me to get healthy and grow spiritually so that I can be prepared to do all that He asks of me now, and in the coming years.

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