Did Not Finish – January 2013

00_DNFlistI’ve always thought I should keep track of the books I start and then don’t finish every year (a Did Not FinishDNF – list)… there certainly are enough of them, but I never know exactly how many! So, this year, I’ve decided to do a monthly “wrap-up” post to show which books I started and set aside. Therefore, I give you my first month’s list:

TheTutorsDaughter_JulieKlassen• “The Tutor’s Daughter” by Julie Klassen — I usually love Julie’s writing, but with this one, I guessed the ending before I’d even finished chapter one. So, due to the excessive amount of other things pulling at my mind, I decided to not try and continue with this one, at this time. I may go back to it later, though.

CoulterRob_WritingToGo• “Writing To Go: Top 10 Writing Tips” by Rob Coulter — This book was good, and certainly had a lot of great tips! But it was not necessarily geared to what I want to write. This book was more about writing for business (memos, and the like) than just general nonfiction.

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