The Sunday Salon: Dreaming (Mar.3)

sundaysalon3(LOL. I keep wanting to type “February”, when it’s March, already. Sheesh!)

I’ve been reading like crazy, this last week, trying to get caught up with review books, and library books, etc. I finished reading “Making Habits, Breaking Habits” by Jeremy Dean, and it was an excellent book, filled with lots of new-to-me information. Then I got back into “You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream” by Holley Gerth, and finished that, yesterday afternoon. Another good book.

That book got me to thinking about the dreams in my life. Dreams of entrepreneurship, and of living in the house that I’ve designed the floor plans for, and of living away from this town… Things that have been on my heart forever. Also, dreams that are still kind of new, but that are growing more pressing as the days go by: the biggest one being of leading a youth ministry. Crazy, I know!

NorthwoodRings_LOGOEver since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamed of being my own boss. I haven’t ever known exactly what job I’d do, but I have just known that I’m meant to be an entrepreneur. Both of my grandpas (paternal & maternal) were entrepreneurs, as is my uncle, and as is my sister. It’s in my blood. When I work for other people, I get so frustrated — I just know, deep down, that working for myself is the way I’m meant to go.

Different job ideas have come and gone… clinical psychologist/counsellor; writer (that’s still on the table, mind you); bookstore owner; graphic artist. I still love the last two ideas, and am seriously considering being a graphic artist. I’ve dreamed of being an “artist” since I was about five years old. So that, too, is ingrained in me.

{pic courtesy of Pinterest}As for my house, I’ve been drawing residential floor plans — just for fun — since I was in my teens. I’m a dreamer. I like picturing possibilities. And, I love houses. I watch shows on TV like “Holmes on Homes“, and “Decked Out“, and anything else on HGTV, and I just drool! LOL. I love thinking about house design. I almost took architectural design in college, but the math element scared me off (I’ve never been good at math). But, I do so love to draw up floor plans! And, I have a house that I designed a couple of years ago that has completely ruined me — I can’t seem to draw anything new, as that house is just *it*… it is the house I must live in some day. LOL.

My town is a small town, and I’ve lived in this county all of my life. There aren’t a lot of opportunities here, job-wise, and I just feel unsettled and restless. My dad lives a few hours away, and whenever we go to visit him, I get such an adrenaline rush! That whole area (where he lives) “calls” to me… I feel like I’m “home” there. So, I think –know– that I’m meant to live out that way, some day.

The youth thing is something that started when I read “Perfectly Unique” by Annie Downs. In it, she talks about leading teen girls in a Bible study group — she’s kind of their mentor. And, it just struck a chord in me… it was like, “Aha! That’s it!” I believe I’m called to do something similar. But then, reading my friend Andy’s blog recently, he had posted about a youth conference that he’d attended, and it made me think about maybe leading a co-ed Bible study group at some point. I really like the idea! I’ve actually felt led to lead a Bible study in some capacity for the last couple of years, but it didn’t quite feel “right”… until I thought about these youth Bible studies. This definitely feels like “it”.

iReadSo, yeah. Lots of some-day dreams. People ask me why I don’t start pursuing them now. And, I say that I can’t… which is true. I can’t afford to move, can’t afford to start my own business, can’t afford to build my dream house. Money -unfortunately- makes the world go ’round. But, some day… Some day all of these things could definitely be a reality. I can make plans now — do things that will help me move in the right direction. Like starting a TSFA (tax-free savings account), where I can squirrel away money for those some-day dreams, little by little. And, I can teach myself about Graphic Design, so that I will be able to take up that profession, if that’s what I decide to do. I read, therefore, I can learn. 😉

My hope of getting my iPod Touch this past week went out the window, as my cell phone bill ended up being more than I’d expected. But that’s all right, as I had planned on waiting ’til March, anyway. So, just three more weeks, and then I can order my new toy. Hee hee…

Speaking of music, I was thoroughly bummed, yesterday. My friends, the Otic Poets, were putting on a concert in St. Catharine’s, ON, and I’d really wanted to go. Unfortunately, I couldn’t work out the details (where to stay overnight without spending a dime, etc), and my car has been giving me issues lately (engine light’s on, tires just got replaced, ball joints are loose). So, I couldn’t go, and, I was super-disappointed. But, I know they’ll do another concert soon enough, and eventually I’ll get to hear them play, again. I’m really anxious to do so, though, because of the new EP they just released! I’ve only heard one song from it, so far (“My Letdown” ♫), and it’s awesome! I can’t wait to hear the rest!

Anyhoo. As for books, I have just started reading Jon Acuff’s “Quitter“, and then I plan to read the two review books I’ve got from NetGalley: “Restored!” by Dan Schaeffer, and “5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter” by Vicki Courtney. I’m still waiting for “The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow” by Rita Leganski to show up in my mailbox — the book club is featuring it for March, and the review will be due for it right shortly. If it shows up this week, it will take precedence over the two from NetGalley, as their deadline is further off. And, lastly, I just got my copy of “Moms Raising Sons to Be Men” by Rhonda Stoppe, and it will have a blog tour on March 22nd, so stay tuned for that!

As always, if you want to see what other review books I’ve got lined up, just check out my Blog Tours page. I try to keep it fairly current, and just updated it, yesterday.


Happy Reading, folks!

ETA: I almost forgot! I just said ‘yes’ to one other review book — “FITlosophy 1” by Sharny & Julius. Their publicity person found me via my health & fitness book reviews blog, and said my philosophy fit with theirs, and asked if I wanted to review this book. I wasn’t going to accept it, but I watched the promo video, and couldn’t resist the offer. I have long wished I could motivate my kids to get active, but haven’t yet been successful in this. The video talks about how, if the parents aren’t setting the example, why would the kids bother to budge? Good point. So, I took on this offer to review the book, and am looking forward to it! But, man… no more review books! I’m so full up, that I’m not able to read anything else, and it’s starting to stress me out! 😕