The Sunday Salon: Play (Mar.17)


Well, first off, Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all!


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Second, even though it’s still a couple of days away, Happy Spring! I’ve seen some Robins around, as well as some of the other Springtime birds, so I’m excited for the end of Winter. Yay! 😀

This coming week, hubby and I will celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary, so I’m looking forward to going out to dinner and a movie, at some point. I’m hoping to see “Olympus Has Fallen“. Looks good.

Also exciting for this coming week is the fact that I’ll finally be able to get my iPod! Whoohoo! I’ve been waiting for months, and the day is almost here! I even found the kind of case I want: It’s a clear, hard-shell case by Belkin. I’ve been looking for a clear one, as I’m getting the Product Red* iPod, and I want to be able to still see the red back on it, even with the case on.

iPodTouch_RED_32gb  Belkin_clearIPodcase

In preparation for getting my new toy, I’ve been learning how to transfer all of my music into iTunes, and set up playlists, and whatnot. I’ve pretty much gotten the hang of it. I’ve also been searching the App Store for apps that I’d like to get. I’ve found several free ones to add, too, like GoodReads, iBooks, the Kindle app, and Amazon’s app. 😉

I also dug out a bunch of my old CDs, yesterday, and found some I’d forgotten I had! I was originally looking for my “Dazed & Confused” CD, and I found it, but I also found my Mariah Carey CDs (three!) and my Richard Marx CD. Good stuff!

HenryPattiCallahan_AndThenIFoundYouOn the book front, I am finally reading “And Then I Found You” by Patti Callahan Henry, and it’s good, so far. I love Ms. Henry’s books… they’re always a pleasure to read.

Next up, I am hoping to sneak in “Daring Greatly” by Brené Brown, Ph.D. Then I have to get my two eBooks read for NetGalley: “Restored!” by Dan Schaeffer, and “5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter” by Vicky Courtney.

I still haven’t received my copy of “Writing From Deep Within” by Bernard Selling, which is supposed to be coming from’s Early Reviewers. Neither have I received my review copy of “The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow” by Rita Leganski for the book club. I’m starting to get frustrated with the postal system. 😦

This morning, I was reading a post by Charlie Gilkey at Productive Flourishing about play. He reminded us that “Playing keeps you healthy. It keeps you connected to the real you.” {read the full article here}.

I think this is so true. When I get playful, I feel more like me… the real me. Not the married mother of two who is constantly stressing about money, or what’s for dinner, or what activities my kids have to be chauffered to next (the “serious” me. LOL).

Charlie asks you…

So, what do you do to play?

How do you schedule play?

At first, I have a hard time coming up with an answer to these. For one, I don’t think I schedule play… ever. What a boring life I live! LOL. But, his article also gave me a hint at one of the ways I play: I do impromptu dance parties. 😛 I will throw on my MP3 player & headphones, and dance like a crazy woman, alone in my house. I have always loved to dance to music, and have always danced alone in my room. To me, this is one of my favorite ways to “play”.

Recently — much as I hate wintertime and snow — I had the thought of going outside to have a snowball fight with some friends. And, I was giddy-excited over the idea. Why? Because I’d get to play! And, I’ve not done that enough in the last several years.

I read a book, a while back, called “Play: How It Shapes the Brain” by Dr. Stuart Brown {links to my review}. It reminded me of how much play is lacking in my life, and it made me crave it. This post by Charlie reminded me of that.

Dr. Brown suggests that without play, we go numb. He says play is a necessity, even for adults (maybe especially for them!). I can certainly attest to the truth of that.

This is the part of moving out West that so appeals to me. There is a recreation centre there that is absolutely massive, and includes things like a fitness centre, rock-climbing wall, a concert amphitheatre, a water park, a golf course, and more. The idea of all that could be done there — just at that one facility — has me more excited than any other part of the whole move. Again, why? Because I would get to play! I think of how much fun it could be! I love the idea of actually getting out of my house more, and being able to do some stuff!

So, yeah. I most definitely need to find more ways to add play to my life. One of those will be biking. I told my husband that I need to get a new tire for my bike, as it’s constantly going flat. I want to do a lot of biking with my kids, this summer. I’d also like to get back into rollerblading. And, at some point –when I can afford to go to the local rec centre more often– I’d like to take up racquetball. 😀

We shall see!

Here’s hoping everyone has a great week! Happy Reading!

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