WWW Wednesdays (Jan. 1/14)

WWW_Wednesdays4To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

My answers:

SteelmanJulie_TheEffortlessYesWhat are you currently reading? I’m reading “The Effortless Yes” by Julie Steelman. Loving it, and thinking I’ll buy myself a copy at some point (the one I have is the library’s copy).

pinterestforbusinessWhat did you recently finish reading? ”Pinterest for Business” by Casey Watkins. It was interesting, and I learned a few things.

BlackwellElizabeth_WhileBeautySlept_GPPutnamReviewWhat do you think you’ll read next? Oh, who knows! LOL. This is constantly changing. I’d like it to be “While Beauty Slept” by Elizabeth Blackwell — a review book I got in the mail. As always, though, we’ll see.

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