2014: One Word 365


Seems everyone is having the same thought for 2014: Let’s do away with making a list of resolutions, or goals, that we all know we’re not going to keep past January, anyway, and instead focus on just one thing … just ONE word for the 365 days of this year. The website says this:

Choose just one word. One word that sums up who you want to be or how you want to live. One word that you can focus on every day, all year long.

It will take intentionality and commitment, but if you let it, your one word will shape not only your year, but also you. It will become the compass that directs your decisions and guides your steps.

Discover the big impact one word can make.

One word. 365 days. A changed life.

I did something similar in 2013. I still made my list of goals, mind you (and promptly failed to meet them). But, I also had my “one word”. And, believe it or not, that one word actually helped to guide me throughout the year, and I did manage to see changes around it! (the list of goals, mind you, were not centered around that word … which is probably why they failed).

My word for 2013 was “TRUST“. I wanted to learn to be more trusting, especially in my faith. I wanted to know God better, and trust Him more. Because I know that He is trustworthy. I know that He is faithful.

Sure enough, I did learn to be more trusting. Estoy confiando en Dios. That’s Spanish for “I am trusting in God”. I even had a point where God brought me to handing over my biggest fear (and several smaller ones) … and learned to relax into knowing He’s got everything under control at all times. I don’t have to worry.

So, I’m a fan of this “one word” thing now. πŸ˜‰

My word for 2014 is “FREE. And for me, that means several things. But mostly, it means “authenticity”… FREE to be more of myself — who I know in my gut that I really am. In everything I do, I want to ask, Is this TRUE for me? Will it help me live more freely as myself? If the answer is yes, I can continue. If the answer is no, I need to give that up — and/or find an alternative.


So, I still have a list of goals for 2014. But this time, they are centered around this word, “FREE”. They are these:

β€’ learn to manage my time better so that I will find time for the things I love (eg. reading) in addition to the things that need to get done (eg. work).

β€’ make time, daily, to sit and chat with God

β€’ lose weight (via Intuitive Eating) — get down to the weight I know is “true” for me

β€’ stay self-employed … and continue to grow as an entrepreneur

So, here’s to an awesome year! I pray that all of us will be successful in 2014, both in meeting our goals, and overall. Wishing you the very best!

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14 thoughts on “2014: One Word 365

  1. This is a really good idea. For the past two years my only resolution has been to say ‘yes’ more and it has really changed how I live my life (I moved to London!). I’m aiming to continue it again this year and look forward to what happens. Happy new year and good luck with living free!


  2. We do this every year. We usually (because of the kids) start with what we’d like to achieve and then determine our word so that we KNOW what that word will ‘look’ like. It’s really been an asset for all of us!


    • Part of how I came up with my word was having listened to an interview by author, Danielle Laporte. She was talking about her new book, “The Desire Map“, and about how you should determine how you want to FEEL, then set goals based off of that. Well, I want to feel FREE — free from this excess weight, free from never having time for myself, free from working for other people… so that’s how my goals came about.

      It’s awesome that you do that with your kids! Good for you! Best of luck to you all this year! πŸ˜€


  3. Awesome post! My one word for this year is ME, because I realized I have been neglecting myself for the past years all for the sakes of unworthy things and people. I think it’s high time to reward myself and to pursue whatever I want freely!
    Love this post! πŸ™‚


  4. Oh I love your thoughts here. Free, yes Free indeed. That is surely God’s desire for us. Thanks so much for sharing your post on Circles Of Faith. Since you’re such a reader, maybe you’d like to write a review for us? And you can always join us on First Friday Book Faves with a few sentences of review…or by linking up a review blog post. Blessings, Elise


  5. This year, my word is Trust, and I pray I too will be able to hand over “my biggest fear”…it’s one of the reasons I chose the word this time around. Love “Free” – it’s got so many dimensions and possibilities…blessings to you as you seek freedom in God this year πŸ™‚


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