Quotes, Encouragement, and Book Reviews — Oh My!


In the 8 years that I have been blogging, I’ve often wanted to be like the other bloggers I read, able to write rambling posts about topics I’m interested in , sharing with my readers what is/has been on my mind. And yet, I’ve struggled to do so.

Part of this is because Should Be Reading (SBR) is a “book” blog, and I’ve wanted to keep it that way — to keep the focus on books and reading. As such, coming up with those rambling posts — while keeping their topics book-related — has been elusive for me. I just haven’t had enough to say on the topic, despite my love of such!

light-bulb-iconHappily, I seem to have found the solution to my dilemma!

Earlier this year, I realized that the career I’m supposed to have — the one I’ve “almost” stumbled across many times throughout the years — is Life Coaching. I’ve previously toyed with the thought of becoming a Clinical Psychologist (counsellor), or a consultant of some sort — but neither of those felt like the right fit for me. And, with my first business, Mizbooks Media, I was somewhat on the right track, offering social media coaching. It wasn’t until I decided to change up the services that I offered there (realizing that I wanted to offer other coaching services for authors) that the lightbulb went off over my head, and I finally saw that life (and business) coaching are what I’m meant to be doing!

So I am just now opening the (virtual) “doors” of my new business, Rhythm Life Coaching! I am not yet offering the actual coaching, as I’m currently in training. But I do, however, have other offerings. I’ll tell you about those in a second…

How does all of this have anything to do with blogging, and/or reading?

Well, for one thing, I am already finding it so much easier to write blog posts at my new business blog! I now have a platform where I can freely share about all of the things I’ve learned over the years — mostly from the books and blogs I’ve read, but also from the personal insights I’ve gathered via life experience.

Topics you can find over there include:

• reviews of books I’ve found inspiring or helpful
• inspirational quotes
• encouragement
• uplifting (music) playlists
• how-to’s for building a blogging platform

With this new business, my aim is to be very real, raw, and authentic. I find “professional” business stuff to be very boring and often missing the “human” element. As such, I prefer to just be my playful, down-to-earth self in my work.

Rhythm Life Coaching logo

One of the things that inspired me to start Rhythm Life Coaching is my passion for offering encouragement. I am an a natural-born encourager, and love to offer a helpful word of advice to those who find themselves in a rough spot. I have often found myself in a position where I don’t feel truly “heard” by friends and family, and wish I had someone to reach out to. That’s why, to start with, I am offering “Email Encouragements” for women, as a way of offering that little pick-me-up that we so often need but don’t get from those closest to us.

So, if you love encouragement, book reviews, inspirational quotes, how-to’s, and other motivational reading, I hope you’ll hop on over and follow me at my other blog! 😀 While you’re there, leave me a note to let me know what topics you’d love to see me write about! I’d love to hear your thoughts, and then have conversations with you in the comments there about the stuff I post! 😀

PS… If you like inspirational quotes, you might like my free, daily Good Mornings! emails, where I send out a positive thought each morning to give your day a quick, 30-second jump-start! You can sign up for those in the sidebar over at rhythmlifecoaching.com!

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