Why I Changed My Mind About Getting a FitBit

So, I’ve been saving up money for three months, and was really excited to finally be able to buy a FitBit step-tracker, this coming Friday! But, last night, an article came up in my Facebook news feed about why the FitBit, and other trackers, are “bad”.

Why I Changed My Mind About Getting a FitBit | A Daily Rhythm


The article’s reasoning was that we have become a society/culture that “worships” health and fitness — we are always focused on trying to meet some cultural standard, or a “health” goal. We are never content to just eat wholesome food, and make sure that we move in a way that feels fun to us.

The article ended by saying that we should ask ourselves WHY we really want to track things health-related (like the number of steps we’ve taken — or the number of calories eaten), and also what we intend to do with that information, once we have it.

For me, I genuinely do want to make myself move more. I sit far too much, and I know that that’s not good for me. The reason I wanted to get the FitBit is because I figured it would challenge me to want to move more.

And yet… I know myself and my own patterns. I know that, more than likely, what would happen is that I would buy the gadget, use it, and be excited about it, and love the challenge — for about 2-3 weeks. Then — just like with everything else — the “fun” and novelty would wear off, and it would be just another “obligation”. And, this Rebel (me) does NOT do well with any form of obligation! As such, the $130 spent on this “toy” would eventually go to waste.

As the article stated, I would be much better off following my own intuition, doing what feels right for me, eating less and moving more, and doing so naturally — not because some device is dictating that I “need” to do this or that. Gradually, I’d end up working my way toward an overall healthier lifestyle… no devices required.

So, yeah — I don’t think I’m going to buy a FitBit after all. Instead, I’ll use the money I’m saving to …hmm… buy some new books, perhaps? 😉

9 thoughts on “Why I Changed My Mind About Getting a FitBit

  1. I have friends who have fallen into the fitbit trap. I, like you, know that it has to come from within. Not something I do because others are doing it. My fitness goal was to become more active and my choice was to do aquafit because I can do it every day or 2 or 3 times a week – whatever fits my schedule. The centre that I attend is very generous in their options for the monthly pass that I purchase. The only event they do not allow me to attend is the mom’s and tots swim but everything else is available to me. Added bonus is the hot tub and sauna.

    I have found that I love to challenge myself with each class, but there has been an added blessing. I have developed a whole new circle of friends that I see at aquafit. Those folks don’t always go every day, as I do, but we always say a cheery ‘good morning’ and catch up where we left off. That is very important too. We encourage each other and the benefits are tremendous.


  2. I completely agree! I was in the same boat. I purchased a fitbit because i don’t move enough and I thought it would motivate me to get up and be more active. It was fun for a few weeks but ultimately it didn’t work for me. Is it better to force myself to walk if I prefer getting my sweat on while on a stationary bike? The kicker was when I realized it was giving me credit for 5 flights of stairs a day when I was in the elevator for one floor up to my office. I said bye bye and now I do my best to make an effort to be healthy, without the device!


  3. I bit the bullet and bought a similar product as well as a new ipad to support the app (no smart phone here) and I did exactly what you predicted you would do. I found it annoying, it kept coming off during my sleep and it was in the way when I was washing dishes or cooking. So, I no longer wear it and just wasted the money. I do like the ipad however! I agree with the article that just using common sense is a much better, less manic approach.


  4. I bought my fitbit last year and I LOVE it. I am unemployed and I work out, but I really wanted to track my calories burned and how much I was moving. Turns out, I was taking way fewer steps than I thought and even with my workouts, I was burning way fewer calories than I thought. The fitbit keeps me honest regarding how intense my workouts are and how many calories I burn so that I can lose weight. It has helped a LOT! Now I often get up off the couch and walk around my living room to get more steps. I am sitting a lot less and I love that. I do understand how some people may not need the tracking thing, but it worked for me. 🙂


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