The End is Where We Begin

If the past three years of self-employment have taught me anything, it’s that Entrepreneurship is less like a straight path, and more like a wild roller coaster, with its ups and downs, twists & turns.

Farewells & New Beginnings | A Daily Rhythm

I’ve done this, and tried that, tested this, and tweaked that. I’ve gone one way, then turned around and gone in an entirely different direction.

Through it all, I’ve been doing the one thing that (IMHO) is most important for an entrepreneur (or anyone): I’ve been learning; discovering what works, and what doesn’t work, for me, personally.

Sure, maybe some people are tired of taking the (twisted) journey with me… maybe they are thinking, “Would you just PICK SOMETHING already?!” And, that’s okay, because this is my journey. And no, I will not settle for just anything (#sorrynotsorry). I will keep searching until I know, in the depths of my being, that I’ve found what I was put on this earth to do. To those who are willing to stick by me through it all, thank you! I appreciate your patience and support. To everyone else, I wish you well in wherever life takes you. Genuinely, I do. ♥

I have done a lot of soul-searching, testing, tweaking, surveying, and research in the past three years. And, with all of this crazy pursuit, I eventually burned out. I recently found myself utterly exhausted and discouraged, and decided I needed a “time out” — to just step away from the “business” side of things, and give my brain a chance to relax.

Of course, being a dreamer and visionary means my brain never truly stops! LOL

So, I took to my journal to write out all of my frustrations with –as yet– not being able to figure out what I should be doing for my “work”. And, as is so often the case when I journal, I happened upon an insight that renewed my hope. And it all started with the little phrase, “What if..?”

All-of-a-sudden, what had been hiding (in plain sight, no less!) was blatantly obvious. And the fire in me was re-lit.

However, my past three years of trial and error made me cautious, this time. I didn’t want to rush into anything, “just in case” this turned out to be another rabbit trail.

And yet, I have found more to share regarding this new path than any of my other 3 attempts combined! I really do believe that the puzzle pieces are finally starting to fit together, and giving me a clearer picture of what my purpose is supposed to look like.

A quick note on the “why” behind these changes…

To me, the (blog) name “A Daily Rhythm” has always felt slow & steady… like it was about daily practices – “rhythms” – and routines. As such, every time I tried to figure out how to mesh my “ideal” target audience, plus my passionate message, together with my “A Daily Rhythm” site (ADR), I would get frustrated; my “ideals” and the feeling that this site’s name conveyed were at odds.

My true message is far more lively & upbeat than the name “A Daily Rhythm” can handle! Therefore, I decided to completely start over, and choose a new name that fits with the vibe I’m going for.

So, without further ado, I invite you to head on over and check out my brand new site:

I’m still going to be using affiliate links (to Amazon, primarily, and possibly other sites). And yes, I may still — eventually — offer up some eCourses, eBooks, or other info products. However, my main focus with “Life, Unleashed” is primarily to blog or write about my passion for seeing people learn to live free.

Sometimes I’d really like to grab people by the shoulders, shake them, and yell:



No, my life isn’t perfect, and it isn’t (yet) where I’d like it to be. But, I am forever in pursuit of better, because I believe God has promised us that! (see John 10:10)

Enough of my ranting, here… Go on over and read more at my new site!

I sincerely hope that you will choose to join my new mailing list (if what I write strikes a chord with you). If not, that’s all right. Either way, here’s to life’s great adventures!

{shout out to TFK for the inspiration for today’s post title!}

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