About MizB

Jenn-MizBMizB is an avid reader, reading 70 books per year, on average.

Favorite genres tend to include YA (Young Adult) romance & fantasy, Christian Living, contemporary fiction, and nonfiction on topics such as motivation, success, weight loss, reading &/or writing.

MizB is a Canadian, making her home in SW Ontario with her husband, son & daughter. By day, she is a freelancer, and by night she is exhausted! 😉

Faith is an important aspect of life for MizB. She is a follower of Jesus Christ, and is daily seeking to avoid religion and hypocrisy while learning to walk in closer relationship with her Savior.

 As of 2016: Please note, MizB is now blogging at http://alifeunleashed.com — You can follow / contact her there!



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YEARLY READS (blog) ~ Lists of books MizB has read since 1988! (including current year) Plus, reviews, and Top 10 lists!