Why I Changed My Mind About Getting a FitBit

So, I’ve been saving up money for three months, and was really excited to finally be able to buy a FitBit step-tracker, this coming Friday! But, last night, an article came up in my Facebook news feed about why the FitBit, and other trackers, are “bad”.

Why I Changed My Mind About Getting a FitBit | A Daily Rhythm


The article’s reasoning was that we have become a society/culture that “worships” health and fitness — we are always focused on trying to meet some cultural standard, or a “health” goal. We are never content to just eat wholesome food, and make sure that we move in a way that feels fun to us.

The article ended by saying that we should ask ourselves WHY we really want to track things health-related (like the number of steps we’ve taken — or the number of calories eaten), and also what we intend to do with that information, once we have it.

For me, I genuinely do want to make myself move more. I sit far too much, and I know that that’s not good for me. The reason I wanted to get the FitBit is because I figured it would challenge me to want to move more.

And yet… I know myself and my own patterns. I know that, more than likely, what would happen is that I would buy the gadget, use it, and be excited about it, and love the challenge — for about 2-3 weeks. Then — just like with everything else — the “fun” and novelty would wear off, and it would be just another “obligation”. And, this Rebel (me) does NOT do well with any form of obligation! As such, the $130 spent on this “toy” would eventually go to waste.

As the article stated, I would be much better off following my own intuition, doing what feels right for me, eating less and moving more, and doing so naturally — not because some device is dictating that I “need” to do this or that. Gradually, I’d end up working my way toward an overall healthier lifestyle… no devices required.

So, yeah — I don’t think I’m going to buy a FitBit after all. Instead, I’ll use the money I’m saving to …hmm… buy some new books, perhaps? 😉